The photos, which are offered on, are printed on high-quality materials.

Each photo is the end product of 3mm PVC pad, a picture and matte or gloss laminate over it. Additionally, on customer’s request, the photo can be put in a plain but stylish aluminum frame. There is a variety of aluminum frame colors with glossy or mat finish – silver, black, gold, dark-brown, red, etc. Here is an example of how a print will look like with well-balanced color of the frame.

Photos can be printed on matte or gloss paper. The gloss cover gives the image more contrast, saturation and volume, as compared to the matte aluminum. On the other hand, the gloss cover reflects all natural or artificial sources of light (as you can see from the samples, printed on A2 format).

Here’s some advice on how to choose between matte or gloss cover for a photo: If the photo will be placed parallel to the window or is perpendicular but close to a window or exposed to a direct light, the best choice would be matte cover. If the photo will be placed deep inside the room, perpendicular to a window or another source of light, then gloss cover would be the best choice.

The photo itself is printed on Hewlett Packard advanced High-Gloss Photo paper, made in Japan. The printing itself is performed by 8 or 12 color VIVERA technology. WIR’s independent assessment of the sustainability of the image has been exceeding all printing technologies for over 200 years.

For connoisseurs I can offer printing with CrystalBond technology which sets a new standard for photographic image … and dimension.

Photos can be printed with CrystalBond technology only on customer’s request and in A2 and A1 format only. Photos, suitable for CrystalBond printer technologies, can be seen here.

Here’s a little more information from the CrystalBond manufacturer:

CrystalBond is an innovative product that offers the viewer a new, delightful way for perceiving the works of photography.

This is an advanced technology for building images, where technical innovation and the aesthetics of the crystal clear image meet. Printed images charm you with rich and deep colors and set a new standard for the photographic image.

The ‘face’ of CrystalBond is a high-quality, 3mm thick, crystal acrylate.

The Transparency of the crystal acrylate is higher than that of glass and with its characteristic resistance to UV light it adds purity and elegance to the images. It’s highly preferable because of its aging resistance and its stability at large temperature changes and also because it is significantly lighter and more durable than ordinary glass. Crystal acrylate is not just a protective cover of a photo. Crystal acrylate adds volume, depth and brilliance to the image.

A 3mm thick aluminum panel is used as the ‘back’ of CrystalBond. Aluminum holders, attached to the back to keep the images at a 15-20mm distance from the wall, are used to assemble CrystalBond. This type of attachment is particularly suitable for galleries and museums, as well as contemporary interiors.

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