Lexar announced their new ultra fast piece of hardware – Lexar Professional 1000x Compact Flash card with UDMA 7 support. It guarantees a minimum constant read and write speed of 150 MB/s, while their previous 600x cards offer “only” 90 MB/s.

Lexar Professional 1000x cards are available in four versions – 16 GB ($138), 32 GB ($255), 64 GB ($430) and 128 GB ($730). The cards are already available for purchase in the major online stores. The availability term is 7-14 days.

With this announcement, Lexar slapped in the face the new XQD standard that was recently introduced with the announcement of the flagship Nikon D4 body, equipped with two standard slots for CF and the new XQD cards.

Sony has already announced its own XQD product – Sony 16GB and 32GB XQD memory cards priced $130 and $230 respectively. These cards, however, have a read and write speed up to 125 MB/s, which is less than the new Lexar cards, not to mention that they have a specific standard and require special card readers and can be used only with a very limited number of devices – only with the new Nikon D4 so far. According to unconfirmed information, the anticipated Nikon D800 will not support the XQD standard.

Almost equally priced, Lexar virtually dispalced the new XQD standard. I hope I’ll be able to get a Sony XQD card and test it against Lexar 1000x 16 GB card, which I have already ordered. It would be very interesting to put them to the test in real conditions.

Translated by Maya Golemanova

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Comments to “Lexar announces 1000x PRO CF card, says bye-bye to Sony XQD cards”

  1. Борис Михайлов
    April 18th, 2012 00:26

    А фотоапаратът реално ще може ли да “усвои” разликата в скоростта?

  2. Nikolay
    April 18th, 2012 01:12

    Новите апарати като Nikon D4 и Nikon D800 – със сигурност.

    Интересно е какво ще се случи като замеря тази карта (дойде преди половин месец поне, но не съм имал време да си поиграя) с по-старите апарати спрямо други карти като Transcend 600x, Sandisk Extreme III. Ще тествам и офисния 5D3 и по-натам и новите никони. Ще драсна един пост непременно.

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