Although this is a rhetorical question I’m sure many of you have serious qualms whether to go to the seaside or on a mountain holiday with a mobile phone only. Since I’ve already written in detail on the topic, I now intend to limit myself by showing only new photos taken incidentally during my few days off. It is up to you to decide whether the mobile phone can be used as a camera to take photos and/or to shoot videos during the holidays.

Translated by Maya Golemanova

We toured around many beautiful places like the beach of the village of Topola opposite the Thracian Cliffs, then we went to Tyulenovo and of course to Kaliakra Cape. Although these places are not as wild as they were 5-10 years ago, the peace and nature are the now the things that would make me go there again.

This year, time and budget did not allow me to go to Durankulak and Shabla, but I hope to do it in the future.

The photos are taken with iPhone 4, all made with the program Pro HDR. There was a strong wind blowing almost the whole time, therefore, some of the photos have spots where the program was not able to overlay well some of the elements of the two separate exposures (it seemed blurred). The post processing of almost all photos include auto color, polarizing filter software, desaturation and some photos – unsharp mask. Here and there in the sky there are artifacts that the software polarizing filter has exposed when applied.

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