A few days ago, Steve Jobs presented the newest version of iOS5, designed for Apple iPhone 4 and 3GS, and also for Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2. Over 200 new functions and options for the renewed iOS were displayed, some of the more important ones being the Notification Center, iCloud and iMessage. You can find out more about them on the Apple website.

Translated by Cenestelle

The sad news is that the newest version of their mobile operating system will only be available for downloading in the autumn – perhaps in September or October. And the new functions are so enticing, that every iPhone owner wants to have them immediately. OK, no problem! Now I’ll tell you how this can happen for you too in a few easy steps.

At the moment, you can install the first beta version IOS5 Beta 1 on your phone. It is so stable, that you will hardly notice that this is a beta version at all. I swear you’ll be satisfied. Now, for the first time, a common user can install on their phone a developer beta version that can be updated with the official release when it comes out in the autumn. Until now, if a given i-device had been loaded with a software’s beta version, you’d no longer be able to use it normally with the final releases of the iOS versions, but this limitation has been removed.

Here is a manual on what to do, step by step, and everything has been done for my iPhone using the same resources:

  • Download iOS 5 Beta 1 from here and save it, say, on your desktop.
  • Download and install iTunes 10.5 Beta for Windows or Mac (direct links) from here.
  • Pay some developer (e-bay offers start from $1) to add your device to their list of authorized devices, so that you can install the beta software. To this end, you have to send them your iPhone’s UDID code in the message when paying. It can be copied when you open iTunes, connect the phone, click on the device and in the summary screen that is displayed by default, click once on the Serial Number text. Then your phone’s UDID code is loaded in its place. Position your mouse cursor over the code, copy it using CMD(MAC)/CTRL(WINDOWS) + C and send it. The developer will reply saying they have added you in the list, and then you do the last thing.
  • You must backup and synchronize the telephone, so that you can restore the previous version in case something happens. After you are done with the back-up, press the ALT(MAC)/SHIFT(WINDOWS) button and then, without releasing it, click RESTORE in iTunes. Then simply find and select the iOS5 Beta 1 software that you have already downloaded.

This is it, from there on what remains to be done is the usual when synchronizing and/or updating the software :)

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Comments to “A quick guide on how to install iOS5 on your iPhone now”

  1. Чавдар
    June 11th, 2011 13:55

    Може и да е ALT на Mac, но под Уиндоус е SHIFT! Aight?

  2. Nikolay
    June 11th, 2011 14:26

    Ей сега ще го допиша :)

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