Sometimes I regret a little being born in this hurried world, mostly filled with digital communication and electronics… but in most cases I happily rub my hands when I remember the iPhone in my pocket, the ultra-light and robust notebook, which has replaced the old desktop machine, the Skype over which I talk for hours to my friends from the rival mobile operator, etc.

Translated by Cenestelle

No matter how miniature modern-day gadgets become, there are things that, just like 10 years ago, weigh as much as a large bag of potatoes. E.g., the cannon-ball in my backpack, which I use to take cool pictures – Canon 400/2.8, 70-200/2.8, the body, the adapters, the backpack itself, travel saw, the tripod, and there you have 15-20 kilos of equipment to drag on your back across the fields.

Therefore it’s important that any other thing I carry doesn’t add weight. I used to fall into the temptation to carry the notebook with me when I travel for 2 days or more, but now that phones like Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II or Nokia N8 are available, this is simply not necessary.

The new Galaxy has a 4.3” display with incredible colours, dual-core processor, can easily play 1080p video, even from YouTube through the browser, and what not. Recently I also had an opportunity to test how it transfers multimedia files with the special Samsung adapter through USB On-the-go.

Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II recognizes any card reader plugged into the adapter and loads the files from the card placed in it. It can copy any content, but opens only the files for which it has the necessary software.

In my case, I wanted to open and view 21 MP JPEG files. The Galaxy opens them with ease, and that in real time directly through the card reader – no delay, sharpening, etc. Wonderful. The original MOV files or CR2 RAW files couldn’t be opened, but I didn’t expect that either.

The important thing is that, with this particular adaptor in combination with Galaxy S II, you can safely go shooting somewhere for a week, without worrying where you’re going to transfer your photos, how you’re going to check your e-mail, Internet sites, social networks, etc.

If you have purchased the variation with 32GB memory, and if you have as much on the microSD card, there it is, 60+ GB at your disposal to transfer the photos and video clips from your week-long shooting. I don’t have to mention its tough battery that can endure any torture :)

The transfer speed when the phone is connected to a card reader is almost identical to that between a computer and a card reader, which leaves you with one problem less. For example, for the iPad, the transfer between camera and device is multiple times slower than between camera and computer. Although I’m a die-hard Apple fan, I have to admit that for some things I sincerely envy the owners of Galaxy S II.

Another incredible phone, which has been in our office for two days, is also worth mentioning – LG Optimus 3D, which has a 3D screen that allows you to watch 3D video without 3D glasses. Great stuff, great fun! Buuut, that’s a different subject, let’s not talk about it, or my eyes will fill with tears of sorrow – after all, I can’t buy all the phones in the universe, I’ll make do with my sorry iPhone 4 ;)

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Comments to “Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II takes care of your camera photos, you’ll barely need a laptop”

  1. Орхан Чакъров
    February 29th, 2012 02:56

    Galaxy S II определено си го бива, като за Андроид :) /Да ме прощават Андроид феновете;)/.
    Жалко само, че при телефоните всичко се развива (по мое мнение) прекалено бързо. На всеки 5-6 месеца изкарват нов “мега хипер ултра” телефон а още няма написани приложения, които да се възползват от технологиите използвани в предишния модел … и така до края на света :)

    От Optimus 3D не знам с какви впечатления остана, но аз имах проблеми след по-продължително гледане на 3D снимки и видеота. Усещах дискомфорт в очите. Може и само при мен да е, не знам.

  2. Nikolay
    March 3rd, 2012 10:35

    Да, точно това си говорихме тия дни с колегите. Тази година последния месец излезнаха 20 нови устройства (телефони и таблети), които са с quad-core процесори и питай ме дали телефоните имат нужжда от тях? Те и на 2-адрените са единици приложенията дето биха ги ползвали ефективно, пък камоли за 4 ядрени. На гол тумбак историята.

    Вместо да наблегнат самите производители да правят някакви уникални приложения те вървят в съвсем друга посока.

    На мен за това ми харесва епъл, понеже непрекъснато се опитва да измисля някакви полезни неща за iOS, а с хардуера изобщо не бързат.

  3. Стоян Сталев
    August 1st, 2015 12:18

    Привет! Четейки тази ваша статия, и имайки предвид, че притежавам Samsung Galaxy,реших да изпробвам теглена на файлове от флашка, закупих си кабел с micro USB/USB женски, за да мога да куплирам флашката, но се оказа, че Галаксито не разпознава хардуера. Пробвах с четец рийдър за карти но пак същата история. Въпросът ми е 1.нужно ли да се качи на телефонът някакво приложение или допълнителни драйвери? 2. преходника, който вие ползвате имали вграден специфичен хардуер? Благодаря ви предварително!

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